It is a requirement to participate in the promotion “Gift” (hereinafter, the “Promotion”) the acceptance of these rules in their entirety (hereinafter, the “Rules”). Reading these Terms presupposes their acceptance.

First. -Friendneitherto organizer
The Promotion will be organized by WABI HOME AND LIVING, S.L. (hereinafter, WABI HOME), domiciled in Valencia, Av/ Espioca 118 – Silla, 46460 and provided with C.I.F. B-40549057.
Second.PerYoPromotional ear
The promotion is valid from 08:00 on March 16, 2023 to 23:59 on March 30, 2023 (hereinafter the "Entry Period").
Third. - Legitimation of the participant
Only natural persons (i) of legal age, (ii) resident inSpain (only Peninsula and Balearic Islands)in possession of a valid DNI or passport if they are Spanish, or a valid NIE and residence permit if they are foreigners, at the time of the award of the Prize, and comply with the mechanics of the Promotion established in these Rules (hereinafter , participants").
Participants who do not meet all the requirements and conditions detailed in these Rules will not be entitled to the gift.
Quarter. - Mechanics of the promotion
During the Promotional Period a gift will be included in each order placed on the websitewww.wabihome.comof an amount greater than €150.
The gift included will depend on the amount of the order in question, having created the different groups of gifts:
  • LOW GROUP:orders of €150 to €300.
  • MIDDLE GROUP:orders from €300.01 to €650
  • HIGH GROUP:orders from €650.01 to €999
  • VERY HIGH GROUP:orders from €999.01 to €1700
  • SUPER GROUP:orders for amounts greater than €1700.01.
The gifts will change daily since the units given are limited, once the stock is exhausted they will be exchanged for another gift with similar value. The gifts can be consulted daily at the following link
Gifts are automatically entered into our system,so it cannot be exchanged for another.The gift will not be reflected in your order on the website, but our system will take it into account to send it along with the purchased products.
Fifth. - Winners' conditions
Only those natural persons (i) of legal age, (ii) residents in Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands) in possession of a valid DNI or passport in case of being Spanish, or NIE and valid residence permit in case of being Spanish, may participate in this Promotion. if they are foreigners, at the time of the award of the Prize.
These facts must be duly accredited to WABI HOME upon request and within the period determined by them, otherwise you may be disqualified. Participants who do not meet all the requirements and conditions detailed in these Rules will not be entitled to the Gift.

Sixth.- Gestiion of the award ceremony
The gift will be automatically included in our system, you do not have to take any action to include it in the order. You will not see it reflected on the website, but it will be included in our system.
Yesandoptimal - Awards

The gift included will depend on the amount of the order in question, having created the different groups of gifts:

  • LOW GROUP: orders between €150 and €300.
  • MEDIUM GROUP: orders from €300.01 to €650
  • HIGH GROUP: orders from €650.01 to €999
  • VERY HIGH GROUP: orders from €999.01 to €1700
  • SUPER GROUP: orders over €1700.01.
Eighth. - Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights.
The participants grant WABI HOME free of charge all intellectual property rights, especially the rights of reproduction and public communication, to be able to publicly use the texts through the various press media, publications on the Internet and social networks. and image with those who participate in this Promotion.
By participating in the Promotion, and, therefore, with their acceptance of these Rules, each participant acknowledges that they are the author of the answers with which they participate in the Promotion, that it is an original and unpublished work. and that it does not infringe the rights of third parties, whatever their nature. In this regard, it assigns to WABI HOME the intellectual property rights of reproduction and public communication in the form of making it available to the public, so that WABI HOME can make it available to the public in its media (whether digital or on paper). , which also includes the right of distribution, the texts with which it participates. In the event of participating with a duplicate work, or infringing third party rights, the winners may be invalidated, moving on to the next substitute, complying with the rules herein.
WABI HOME is not responsible for any possible content that users may submit as responses, which tends to be defamatory, insulting, obscene, threatening, xenophobic, which incites violence, is discriminatory or which in any other way violates morality, public order, honor, privacy or the image of third parties and all those that may cause social rejection or are illegal, and will try to eliminate and discard those responses that could incur this.
Ninth. - Personal data protection
The information and personal data provided by the participant in this contest will be processed by WABI HOME in accordance with the respective Privacy Policies available on their respective websites and what is contained herein in order to manage their participation in the contest and their relationship. with WABI HOME. The legal basis of the processing is the execution of these legal bases for carrying out the Promotion.
Participants may exercise their rights of access, rectification and deletion of their data and those of portability, limitation and opposition, where applicable, to the treatment described, by contacting the person responsible for the treatment, WABI HOME AND LIVING S.L., at the address above. indicated (@wabihome_es) and accompanying your request with the relevant official identification documentation. If you consider that the treatment does not comply with current regulations, you may file a claim with the supervisory authority inwww.agpd.esIt is also reported that the information is kept while the promotion is active in order to manage it. In the event of any modification to your data or if you detect that any data is erroneous, please notify us so that it can be corrected, in order to keep the data updated, in accordance with applicable law.
Tenth. - Responsibilities
In the event that, due to force majeure, the described prize cannot be delivered, WABI HOME does not undertake to replace it with another of equal or greater value.
Neither WABI HOME nor, where applicable, the collaborating companies in this Promotion, will in any case be responsible for any damages, of any nature, direct, indirect and/or circumstantial, whether immediate or deferred, that may appear on the occasion or as a consequence of enjoying the Prize.
WABI HOME reserves the right to cancel, suspend or modify these Rules, as well as the organization and/or management of this Promotion.
undandtop. - Several
Law 35/2006 of November 28, which approves the Personal Income Tax and other development regulations, will apply to the prizes of this promotion, so, where applicable (when the prize or its economic valuation is greater than €300), it will be up to WABI HOME to make the payment on account or practice the withholding of the Personal Income Tax.
In order to comply with applicable tax regulations, it will be a necessary condition to be able to enjoy the prize that the winner provides their personal data, as well as a photocopy of their official identity document.
Participation in this contest will be free of charge, so that to participate in it it is not necessary to pay any monetary amount.
WABI HOME will not be in any way responsible for non-compliance or infractions of any kind related to this promotion, exempting itself from any type of responsibility for possible losses suffered by participants in relation to the Prize and other aspects of this contest. Likewise, WABI HOME will not have any responsibility for the Winner arising from any damage or loss that they may suffer during or as a consequence of the prize awarded.
In Valencia on March 14, 2023.