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Chaise longue:
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Mattress measurement: 140 x 190 cm / Mattress thickness: 15cm.
The Sungi sofa bed is a practical sofa bed designed for homes with little space. It has a very simple Italian opening system that allows one person to convert the sofa into a bed. It is the perfect piece for your guests to spend the night and rest peacefully. Its fabric is pearl gray polyester.You can choose chaise longue on the left or right (looking at the sofa from the front). The chaise longue always comes with a chest under the seat.

In the photo you can see the Sungi sofa bed in its 3-seater format with chaise longue on the right.

At Wabi Home we love decorating homes with different materials, such aswood, rattan, cotton, jute, bamboo, ceramics, iron...We take great care to always select the best quality to guarantee the durability of all furniture. Thanks to the versatility of each material, they can be perfectly combined with each other to achieve different styles. Our priority is to create timeless homes with a lot of personality, and with any of our furniture you can achieve this!
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The available measurements of the Sungi sofa bed are:
  • 2 Seaters: Width: 212cm., Depth: 95cm. and Height: 101cm.
  • 3 Seaters with chaise longue: Width: 286cm., Depth: 165cm. and Height: 101cm.

More information:

  • Very functional and practical sofa bed for two people.
  • The format with chaise longue has a chest under the seat of the chaise longue large enough to store pillows or sheets for the bed, giving it another point of functionality.
  • The Sungi sofa bed stands out for its 15cm memory foam mattress. thick and 140x190cm. in size, perfect for two people.
  • Its structure is made of iron to offer great durability over time.
  • It has a very fast Italian opening system that is easy to activate with hardly any effort.
  • The seats are removable and are made of 30KG density foam.