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Availability Date?

I'm sure you'll wonder why so long?

Wabi Home we are a small company that seeks to offer you the best products and services. We want to do our bit to create cozy homes where calm and balance are essential.
Our colleague Lara designs each of the furniture, working with suppliers until we get the perfect piece. It is a meticulous job since we are not only looking for a beautiful design, but also good quality. We have several national and international suppliers, the latter being the ones that require longer delivery times.
These furniture come from far away andwe receive in small remittances,hence such long availability dates appear. The products travel by sea transport, a type of transport that has suffered great variations in the last year.
There are fewer boats in circulation, so those who travel have to make more stops. This not only means longer trips, but also a greater possibility of delays due to the multitude of ports at which they have to stop.
With the intention of giving you the best possible service and avoiding delaying the availability date that you see on the website,we add 15 days to the date of arrival at the port indicated to us. This way we can deal with possible delays without affecting you.
We are aware that this can be a hindrance, but as we said at the beginning we want to offer you a good service. For us, customers come first and we strive to make your experience as pleasant as possible.
Once the container arrives at our warehouse, it goes through a quality control in which we review each and every one of the products to verify that everything is in perfect condition. We then prepare it and the transport agency picks it up to deliver it to your home.